Prismatic Horde was developed in one sleepless night. We were supposed to come up with pitches for small games in our introductory game class but, seeing how my insomnia was keeping me from a good night's sleep, I decided to stay up all night making this!

The develpment was quick and simple. The enemy AI simply walks toward you and attacks, the challenge comes from their mass numbers. All projectiles follow the same logic at varying speeds and spread, which allowed me to add in a few guns before the sun came up.

Prismatic horde was named for its colorful enemies. It came from a lack of time to create new art assets, so I simply made several alien variants and had them randomly colorized in code. The result was a very odd assortment of colors which became the game's most easily recognized feature.

The inclusion of only one ammo type was deliberate. I found it far more enjoyable to use different guns for different purposes. The pistol is the most accurate, the assault rifle does more damage per second but consumes more ammo, the shotgun is great for one hit kills or heards, and the laser is a laser. Because the ammo pool is shared, you can use whatever gun you want for the situation, but it will cost you more resources if you aren't efficient with your use.

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